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Notebook Paper ~ either wide ruled or college ruled.


Pencil and Eraser ~ regular or mechanical.


Math Book ~ students can be charged up to $100 for lost/damaged books.  Algebra 2 students will also receive an Algebra 2 "Student Journal" on the first few days of school!  This will be used for notes on most days - so it may save you some notebook paper :)


Calculator ~ Any scientific calculator will do, but we will use graphing calculators on a regular basis..  If you are interested in purchasing a graphing calculator, I highly recommend a TI-83+/84+.  Use of a TI-89 and/or a TI-92 (or other comparable models) will NOT be permitted since these models can perform manipulations that we expect students to perform by appropriate methods. We will be learning various concepts on the TI-83+/84+ calculator.  A classroom set will be available for student’s use during class time [no calculators will be checked out, etc.] 


Graph Paper ~ 1/4 or 1/8 inch grid (at least 100 sheets).


Straight Edge ~ ruler in either metric and/or standard measure.


Completed homework from the previous night ~ at some point in class (normally at the beginning) I will take questions from previous homework.  Students should come to class ready to discuss the information.

*Please consider donating a box of tissues and a bottle of hand-sanitizer to our classroom.

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